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How Can CHAS Help You Grow

As an online assessment for businesses, CHAS has helped many companies across different industries demonstrate to clients, contractors and other businesses that they meet the health and safety standards. You can become CHAS accredited through the online portal, which can help you become being easily accessible in this way is a great way to be discovered and therefore could help your business grow.

Read on to discover more about CHAS Accreditation in this article and how CHAS can help your business.


What Is CHAS?

CHAS stands for ‘The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme’. It is a trusted online assessment for businesses that ensure they are health and safety compliant.

CHAS has been one of the most popular assessment schemes for a range of industries to demonstrate to prospective clients and contractors that you meet the health and safety standards across the supply chain. This saves industries time and money by attaining this accreditation.

Most large organisations and local authorities require you to have the CHAS Accreditation in order to employ you and your business as a contractor - failing to acquire this accreditation could cost you some potential business opportunities.


The Three Levels of CHAS

There are three levels of the CHAS accreditation and the level you choose is often dictated by your clients. The three levels of CHAS include:


1. CHAS Standard

The CHAS Standard includes industry-leading health and safety assessment, a self-certified insurance module and SSIP accredited.


2. CHAS Advanced

This is the mid-range package for accreditation. CHAS Advanced comes with accreditation services to help you meet SSIP PAS 91 requirements. CHAS require you to complete a questionnaire to demonstrate compliance across nine risk management areas including health and safety to equality and diversity.


3. CHAS Elite

CHAS Elite includes the Common Assessment Standard which is the UK’s pre-eminent prequalification system. The Common Assessment Standard streamlines accreditation across multiple chain risk management areas.


How CHAS Accreditation Can Help Your Business Grow?

Having a CHAS Accreditation will bring numerous benefits to your business. From helping your business grow, these include:


Improves Opportunities

Having the CHAS accreditation will improve the number of opportunities that come your way. This is due to your company being made publicly available through a searchable database of all CHAS members. The database can be looked through by clients when they need work from a contractor. This means that being on the CHAS database could help your business grow as you will be more seen and recognised.

Your visibility will improve as you will gain the CHAS-certified logo through both paperwork and online via your website. This logo is great from an advertising perspective. Showcasing to potential clients that you have met the required health and safety standard in the industry is exactly what you need your potential clients/contractors to know.

Increase Compliance

Your company's compliance will be highlighted with the CHAS Accreditation. Others will know you are safe and give people peace of mind that you are trustworthy and all work is carried out safely.


Save Time and Money

Saving businesses time and money by eliminating the need for multiple assessment bodies as CHAS is a popular accreditation and therefore may be the only one you need.


Simplify the Process

CHAS helps to simplify the process of gaining contractor accreditation through the streamlined pre-qualification solutions, saving you time and money and simplifying the process.

Through the necessary schemes, the accreditation services will help your business demonstrate compliance in up to 13 areas of risk management.


Connect and Grow

CHAS connects prequalified contractors with clients with specific compliance requirements. Contractors can leverage their CHAS. CHAS clients can quickly search for suitable compliant contractors using the CHAS Client Portal.



As you will have learnt, CHAS Accreditation can help the industry you are in in a number of ways. The benefits CHAS brings to a business can help your business to grow. More recognition means more potential clients and contractors. CHAS, therefore, is well worth attaining for your company to show compliance to all.

Beaconrisk can help you become CHAS accredited. CHAS will require extensive paperwork and evidence to prove that you are health and safety compliant. We understand as a working business you may not have time for that, but we can help you. The cost-effective support and help we provide will help you get that accreditation, so you can carry on doing what you do best.

Check out CHAS on our website along with all the other accreditations Beaconrisk can help you attain. We also have an extensive range of online training courses for you and your employees to complete in your own time.