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Our Guide to Health and Safety Software

Health and safety software helps you to carry out multiple health and safety tasks all within one place. Quality health and safety software can include all aspects of health and safety, ensuring that risk assessments are up to date and you’re complying with regulatory bodies - providing the right level of safety for all workers.

But what exactly does health and safety software involve? What are the benefits of using health and safety software? And what are the benefits of implementing health and safety software into your existing systems? Keep reading to find out more about our guide to health and safety software.


What Is Health and Safety Software?

Health and safety software refers to digital solutions that provide health and safety training for all staff members, as well as risk tools that help ensure a culture of health and safety throughout the workplace. Within the operations of any business, employers must make sure that they provide a safe working environment.


What Does EHS Software Mean?

EHS Software refers to Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) software. This software collects, stores and analyses any data relating to industry compliance, occupational safety and sustainability.

This software helps to create internal processes around regulation and compliance. Any health and safety software ensures businesses carry out work in a safe way and that they are being responsible for everyone on the premises. Keeping everyone safe by prioritising the welfare of everyone on site helps the organisation, all employers and suppliers and visitors too.

Environmental Health and Safety Software helps to create a clear picture of how things should be done. Whether that be externally or internally and if that meets the expected standards.

Any failure to comply with EHS standards is not only dangerous for everyone involved in the business and on-site, but the environment is likely to lead to legal and serious concerns for the organisation in the future. Environmental Health and Safety software, therefore, has become a priority for most executives and business owners around the world.


Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational health and safety are vital in any business. Small businesses to very large businesses and also multinational companies too need to be responsible and accountable for how things are run on an everyday basis. For example, they could use a constructionline online assessment to document health and safety in the workplace.


Some Benefits of Using Health and Safety Software

There are several benefits to using health and safety software, so read on to gain some more insight into the Health and Safety software for organisations.


Risk Control

It can help others become more aware of any potential risks and health threats. Having health and safety software can help identify risks in the business and the environment itself.

It has also been shown to reduce the number of risks and accidents in an organisation, compared to when organisations don’t have health and safety software. Businesses can be more empowered and potentially avoid devastating accidents whilst at work.


Employees are Safe

By prioritising employees' health, you are protecting their safety at work. The safety software identifies processes that do not comply with existing standards. This can then be understood and addressed to reduce the risk of them happening in the first place.

Preventing the risk in health and safety standards is better than health and safety treatments, once the damage is done.


Improving an Organisation’s Efficiency

Once compliant with health and safety standards, organisations tend to become more efficient. Enforcing health and safety tasks tend to result in the workforce's ability to work more efficiently with their work processes. This could have a beneficial impact on a business's profits too.


Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Environmental Health and Safety helps to analyse data to do with the environment and sustainability of a business.


Compliance Legally

Compliance with regulatory standards is a must. Health and safety software helps you stay compliant with the law. Failing to do so could see employees in danger.



At Beaconrisk, we always want to make sure you are health and safety compliant. This is what we do best. We have an extensive range of health and safety e-learning courses available to you, as well as our health and safety competent advisor service. You can check out these and more on our Beaconrisk website. Any questions you may have about health and safety, feel free to contact us.