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CHAS Benefits for the Construction Industry

CHAS is widely recognised and a great accreditation scheme to be a member of. It can be an essential part of a business and helps many businesses to thrive, such as those in construction, manufacturing and recruitment - to name a few.

CHAS can benefit a business in construction in many ways by helping you demonstrate that you are compliant with the law. We are going to be discussing the benefits of CHAS for the construction industry in today's blog, so read on for more information.



What Is CHAS?

CHAS is an accreditation that is committed to health and safety within the workplace. CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and is a fully trusted online assessment which shows health and safety compliance amongst companies in a variety of industries, such as construction companies.

Attaining the CHAS Accreditation shows that you take workplace health and safety seriously and is a great way to show off to your employees, visitors and clients that you are a safe and reliable construction company.

CHAS helps the construction industry to become a safe place to work and be for everyone.

There are over 75,000 members of CHAS, including both public and private sector bodies. Becoming CHAS Accredited and a member of CHAS is an amazing opportunity to showcase yourself to prospective clients and boost your company’s profile.

CHAS gives you a platform to be able to showcase yourself to a much wider audience and prove you are a safe and reliable company to work with.


What CHAS Will Review

CHAS will look at all areas of risk management and safety within a workplace, reviewing all aspects and policies in a single annual audit.

The CHAS safety accreditation is a favourite accreditation to have across a variety of industries, not just in construction. This means that it will be recognisable to many people and industries, not just those that are aware of construction accreditations.


CHAS Benefits for the Construction Industry

There is a reason why CHAS is such a popular accreditation scheme for construction companies and other industries up and down the UK. Read on to learn more about the benefits of being a member of CHAS.


Saving You Time and Money

The CHAS Accreditation is not only useful to have to show your compliance, but it can also save you time and money. 

With any application, you can bypass any long-winded questions and pre-qualification tender forms using the CHAS Accreditation to demonstrate your compliance. This includes many of the health and safety and risk assessment areas.


You Gain Access to Resources

Once CHAS accredited, it doesn’t stop there. Make the most of exclusive membership benefits when becoming a CHAS-accredited member. You will be able to access resources for you and your team to make use of, including online training, discounts and other accreditation schemes.

You will even be able to pre-qualify for opportunities working for leading organisations.


Professional Image and Proves Compliance

Show that you are a professional company with CHAS Accreditation. CHAS helps you show to others that you take pride in your company, are professional and health and safety seriously.

Safeguard your business and everyone on the premises who either work there or visits with CHAS accreditation and meets all important legislations.


Win More Work

If a client or organisation is looking for a contractor to carry out their work for them, they are going to want to find a company that they know they can trust and that is compliant with all the rules and regulations that come with working in the construction industry.

By being a CHAS member, you demonstrate you are trustworthy. When a client is looking for work, they will most likely choose a company that has gained the appropriate accreditations over one that hasn’t gained an accreditation such as CHAS.

Gaining the CHAS Accreditation, therefore, means you are likely to win over new work with large corporate clients and public organisations.


Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Along with all the benefits mentioned above, you can unlock a whole load of exclusive offers, discounts and benefits that come free with your CHAS membership once you have become accredited. 

CHAS can offer these benefits due to an ever-growing network of businesses, trade organisations and partnerships. These benefits help you to grow whilst saving you money each year.



Join CHAS today, but with the help of Beaconrisk. Getting help makes things a lot similar and easier for you. Applying for any accreditation including CHAS can be stressful and difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.

At Beaconrisk, we are the experts when it comes to applying for accreditations, including CHAS. From this blog, you will now be aware of all the amazing benefits of CHAS and what it can do for your construction business, so if you are not a CHAS member already, what are you waiting for?

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