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What Does CHAS Stand For: Our Guide to CHAS

If you are here to understand more about CHAS and what it means, then you have come to the right place. CHAS is an accreditation and safety assessment scheme that is widely recognised and can help you and your business in lots of ways.

Read more to discover what CHAS stands for and our guide to this popular accreditation scheme.


What Is CHAS?

CHAS is a type of health and safety accreditation scheme that is trusted in the construction industry. To obtain the CHAS accreditation you must apply for the accreditation to prove that your business is health and safety compliant within every area of the business.

The online database helps people to showcase that they meet the required health and safety standards. When you have become accredited by CHAS, you will become a member and therefore part of the online portal of contractors that have all been accredited.

The CHAS accreditation demonstrates to potential clients that you are trustworthy, safe and a reliable contractor to go for if they happen to be looking for work.


What Does CHAS Stand For?

The letters in CHAS stand for The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. You must prove you operate a safe working environment for all, according to CHAS’s industry safety standards.

The CHAS accreditation, everyone knows, is a widely recognised and trusted scheme and form of assessment. People know that by attaining this accreditation, you are proving yourself to others including potential clients and beating your competition.


What Does CHAS Mean for You?

Not only are you proving yourself to potential clients with CHAS accreditation, but you are also likely to gain more work compared to those companies that have not gone to the trouble of obtaining the accreditationGaining the CHAS accreditation will help you to grow your business and your company. It will also ensure that you, your employees and your visitors are safe at all times and your staff receive the right safety training. It will also give your staff peace of mind that they are in a place of work that is safe and they are likely to feel looked after, cared for and happy in their working environment.


CHAS Accreditation - Our Guide to CHAS

The construction industry can be tough and competitive. It is up to you as a company owner to make sure you are doing everything you can to secure the best clients for you, that match up with what work you are looking to carry out and what suits you best as a business.

Getting CHAS accredited can be extremely beneficial for you and could help you stand out from the rest.

Popular in the construction industry, in particular, CHAS is used across other industries too. The other sectors that are also relevant to CHAS include; education, public sector, manufacturing, transport and distribution and facilities management too.

Due to CHAS being used so widely across many different sectors, it is a great asset because it is so widely recognisable. The CHAS accreditation is recognised across these many industries, not just those that are in the construction industry.


The Benefits of CHAS

There are so many benefits to becoming CHAS accredited, some of which include:

  • Saves you time and money
  • Cuts out the middleman by matching clients with contractors
  • Widely recognised
  • Confirms a company follows safety guidance by law
  • Can help your business to grow
  • Gain you more work
  • Make you more recognised by a wider audience
  • Creates the right safety culture among employees
  • Helps to create awareness around the health and safety risks within a workplace
  • Benefits for everyone involved with a company, both in terms of staff and clients



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