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What Is Constructionline? A Beaconrisk Guide

The Constructionline accreditation is a great scheme to become a part of if you are wanting to enhance your standing and the opportunities for your business. It is a widely recognised accreditation that is used across the UK and by thousands of businesses.

Both clients and contractors benefit from the Constructionline accreditation and this is what we will be discussing today in this article.

Read on for more information about Constructionline, our Beaconrisk guide to this popular accreditation and the many benefits that Constructionline can bring to your business.


What Is Constructionline?

Firstly, we will introduce you to Constructionline and let you know about it. Constructionline is a type of accreditation scheme, it is widely used across the UK and within the construction industry.

Attaining the Constructionline accreditation holds many benefits for a business. Constructionline also has different levels of accreditation to aim for. The one you choose will be dependent on your business, including its size and your company goals.

The companies that become accredited with Constructionline will all be listed within the Constructionline online database.


Who Has Access to the Constructionline Database?

The Constructionline online portal database has over 2500 members. Most of the major UK clients will use a verified database of accredited companies to source their work. This helps big-paying clients find contractors that they know they can trust and have proven that they are reliable with the right policies and procedures in place.

The database is accessed by those that are looking for work across the whole of the UK. Some of the major members of the Constructionline database include government departments, local authorities and other types of big clients.

Overall, the database is there to match potential clients with potential contractors. It ensures that work will be carried out reliably and safely, whilst also shortening the length of the supply chain.


Why Should Your Construction Company Become Constructionline Accredited?

The Constructionline accreditation is aimed to save you a lot of time, hassle and money. All of these things are important for a business and sacrificing just one of these areas could cause issues.

Constructionline can be relevant for all construction businesses, no matter what your size or how established you are.

If you want to prove you are health and safety compliant, reliable and trustworthy, all whilst effortlessly being matched with potential buyers, then Constructionline accreditation is a great option for you.

Becoming accredited with Constructionline helps to speed up and streamline the process of your supply chain and finding new clients.


The Benefits of Constructionline Accreditation

The list of benefits for the Constructionline accreditation is enough to sway you to take your first steps to start your accreditation journey, so you can be accredited as soon as possible. Read below for some of Beaconrisk’s top benefits for Constructionline accreditation.


It Can Help You to Grow

By showcasing your business to 2500 Constructionline members online, you are bound to see your business grow as you gain more recognition and develop a new network.


Gain Bigger Contracts

As Constructionline is used by big clients such as the NHS or local councils, you have the opportunity to be pre-approved to work with these organisations when they need construction work. Bigger clients could result in bigger contracts which can lead to more income for your business.


Saves You Time and Money

Once you have become accredited with Constructionline, it will save you a lot of time and money. Constructionline eliminates the process of you having to find new work for your business. Businesses will come to you as you will be visible to thousands.


Showcase Yourself

Being Constructionline accredited showcases yourself in many positive ways. Your reputation is enhanced by showing that you are trustworthy, reassuring potential clients that work will be carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with Constructionline standards. 


Win Work Over Others

You are more likely to win over work as an accredited company than if you are not one. This means becoming Constructionline accredited and you are likely to beat the competition that has not managed to achieve the accreditation.

On the other hand, if you fail to gain the accreditation you could lose work to others that have attained the Constructionline accreditation, so it is best to become accredited to avoid missing out.


Become Accredited With Beaconrisk

There are over 23,000 businesses registered as Constructionline accredited in the UK and you could be one of them.

Show others that you have industry-standard quality and practice professionalism and safety within the guidelines of UK law.

Becoming accredited can be stressful and extremely time-consuming. This is where many businesses fail to become accredited, giving up, or choosing to not bother. This is where Beaconrisk comes in.

Contact Beaconrisk today and we can support you with the accreditation process, from start to finish. We can help by managing the Construction accreditation process, helping you become Constructionline accredited and start gaining all the amazing benefits in no time.

We have helped many businesses become accredited with Constructionline, just check out our website for more information and where you can find all of our contact details.