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CHAS or Constructionline accreditation - which is best? And how do you decide which one is right for your business? Health and Safety are everything to a business these days, especially in high-risk industries such as the construction industry.

Many different accreditations can be useful for your business, but today we will be discussing CHAS and Constructionline and discovering which one is best - so read on to find out more.


Introduction to the CHAS Accreditation

CHAS is an assessment scheme that looks into your business’ Health & Safety practices. CHAS assesses the competence in the work you carry out. It is widely used in the construction industry and beyond so is therefore widely recognised.

The CHAS accreditation demonstrates to prospective clients that you operate to the correct standards by law. This includes your management giving your employees the right level of training from the appreciative courses to help aid the safety of your business.

CHAS also falls under the umbrella SSIP scheme (Safety Scheme in Procurement), which is a widely recognised scheme that aims to pull together a range of health and safety assessment schemes under one scheme. The SSIP scheme is used particularly in the construction industry.


Introduction to the Constructionline Accreditation

Firstly, we will introduce you to Constructionline and tell you more about it. Constructionline is a type of accreditation scheme, it is widely used across the UK within the construction industry and many other industries such as transport, logistics and recruitment.

Attaining the Constructionline accreditation holds many benefits for a business. Constructionline has 4 different levels of accreditation and the one you aim for will depend on your business and your company goals. Constructionline Gold is the Common Assessment Standard accreditation and tends to be the most popular level of Constructionline. 

The Constructionline accreditation is a type of online scheme that helps businesses showcase themselves to others and potential clients. The Constructionline risk assessment will look at all aspects of your company, including your documentation. This includes areas of your company’s finances, directors, operations, diversity and equality policies, as well as Health and Safety protocols too.

With Constructionline, you will also have to show that you abide by the areas of legislation such as anti-bribery, equal opportunities, corruption, insurance and drug and alcohol policies - to name a few of the areas of the accreditation.

Constructionline is an online portal where you can update your documents and information and receive feedback on them.

There are also different levels to Constructionline, depending on the level of accreditation you want to achieve and which one is the right one for you.

These levels include 1. Constructionline Bronze, 2. Constructionline Silver, 3. Constructionline Gold, 4. Constructionline Platinum. Each level supports a slightly different level of Constructionline with different sets of criteria as the levels get higher. Constructionline Gold tends to be the most popular level of accreditation and is requested by most of the major buyers on the portal. 




The Difference Between CHAS and Constructionline

Understanding the difference between Constructionline and CHAS accreditation is key when needing to choose between one (or both) to obtain for your business.

Not only this but understanding the differences and which one is the right one for you can be tricky, especially when both accreditation schemes complement each other and are so widely used and recognised across the areas of construction.

Are Beaconrisk, we are here to help you understand by explaining some of the key differences which will help you choose the perfect accreditation for you.

CHAS and Constructionline accreditation are both held through online portals and can be accessed by thousands to increase visibility and raise your profile as a construction company whilst showcasing your validity and reliability.

CHAS accreditation is Health and Safety focused and used more widely across more industries whereas Constructionline is focused on corporate social responsibility areas.

Both accreditations can be beneficial for your construction business. It can be useful for you to obtain both accreditations, as Constructionline focused on a range of corporate areas that are relevant to those in construction and many industries, whilst the CHAS accreditation scheme is more Health and Safety-focused and it accesses Health and Safety in more detail.

When aiming to gain both accreditations for your business, you can help speed up the Constructionline accreditation process by gaining the CHAS accreditation first. This is because CHAS is a member of the SSIP which has a lot of benefits and is widely recognised by suppliers and buyers.

You can also use your CHAS accreditation certificate to support the documentation that is needed to obtain accreditation for Constructionline. This is a huge plus for doing things this way around as it can save you lots of time by cutting out the additional paperwork that you would need for Constructionline without your CHAS accreditation certificate.

Constructionline and CHAS both require an assessment fee to be paid upfront, only when you gain your accreditation award will you have access to your certificate and online membership. Prices will vary for each depending on your company size, turnover and the level of accreditation you wish to achieve.


How Beaconrisk Can Help with CHAS and Constructionline

Whichever accreditation you wish to go for, at Beaconrisk, are accreditation experts and can help you. Both CHAS accreditation and Constructionline accreditation can be useful and can benefit your construction business and showcase your compliance with regulations and the law.

If you need more help in deciding or would like some general advice about these accreditations or any other accreditation or services we offer at Beaconrisk, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Accreditations can be time-consuming and complicated, which is why it is so important to get an expert to help you to speed up the process and make it as stress-free as possible.

At Beaconrisk, we are experts in accreditations. We offer support from choosing the right accreditation and level for you, right the way through the whole accreditation process.

Beaconrisk can handle and help you with all the paperwork that comes with gaining accreditation, so you can become more recognised and become an accredited company in no time.