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Requirements for CHAS Accreditation Explained

Any safety accreditation can be challenging to obtain - with so many requirements, it is hard to know where to start. CHAS is an extremely popular accreditation scheme, recognised across many industries and businesses.

A good place to start when wanting to gain an accreditation like CHAS is knowing what is expected of your company in order for you to meet the requirements of CHAS. This includes learning what is expected of you for your company to pass the CHAS assessment with flying colours. Read this blog to learn more about CHAS accreditation requirements.

CHAS Accreditation

The letters in CHAS stand for the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme which is an online and trusted assessment scheme regarding health and safety compliance as well as risk management too. It covers many industries and is therefore recognised by the masses.

CHAS aims to help businesses and showcase their competence when it comes to health and safety. CHAS has been known to be among the most popular assessment schemes across many industries and is popular with prospective clients too.

The CHAS accreditation aims to save you time and money, helping work come to you rather than you having to seek it for yourself.

With the CHAS accreditation, you have three different levels to choose from depending on your business and the level type that will suit you the best. The three levels of CHAS include:

  1. CHAS Standard (Health & Safety Only)
  2. CHAS Advanced (PAS 91)
  3. CHAS Elite (Common Assessment Standard)


Why Become Accredited With CHAS

There are so many reasons why becoming accredited with CHAS can help your business, and you can read more about the benefits of CHAS here in more detail.

Above all, in today’s climate, if a client is looking for work, especially the top paying clients and large organisations such as local authorities, they will expect you to have a CHAS certificate to prove your worth and show that you are a trustworthy and safe working company to do business with.

Failing to become accredited with CHAS could lead to you losing out on work to other businesses that have allocated the time and effort to become CHAS accredited.


CHAS Level Requirements

Below we will go over some of the details of the different levels of CHAS, including the paperwork required for each one for you to gain your CHAS accreditation at a certain level.


1. CHAS Standard

The CHAS Standard accreditation is the entry-level membership of CHAS. This level option includes industry-leading health and safety assessment, and a self-certified insurance module whilst also including SSIP accreditation as well. This is because CHAS falls under the umbrella body of SSIP assessment schemes.

Even with the most basic standards of CHAS, it is still hugely relevant, recognised and important for businesses to attain if they want to receive the right recognition that they deserve.

This Standard level of CHAS requires you to demonstrate compliance and prices start at £319 for this level and offer the convenience of helping you join the SSIP scheme.

CHAS’s award-winning Health and Safety assessment will be carried out on your business to obtain this level of CHAS.


2. CHAS Advanced

Next is the mid-range level of CHAS. This level offers services that help you members meet SSIP and PAS 91 requirements.

The Price for this level starts at £499 and the Advanced level of CHAS will need you to complete a questionnaire to demonstrate that you are compliant with nine areas of risk management that CHAS looks into including health and safety, diversity and equality.


3. CHAS Elite

The CHAS Elite level includes the Common Assessment Standard, which is also on top of the SSIP and the PAS 91. The Common Assessment Standard streamlines accreditation across multiple chain risk management areas and is the construction industry’s pre-eminent pre-qualification system in the UK.

Prices start at £699 for the Elite level and to attain this level of accreditation, showing compliance across 13 areas of risk management is required which is then backed by Build UK and CECA as well as other accreditation bodies such as The Common Assessment Standard.


CHAS Accreditation Requirements

To become accredited with CHAS, you need to prove that you are Health and Safety compliant within all areas of the business. This will involve providing extensive paperwork to show evidence of your safety standards and protocols.

The documents you need to provide will depend on the level of CHAS accreditation you are aiming for and working towards.


Choose Your Level and Open The Assessment

CHAS have three packages to choose from - all packages include lots of benefits for your construction company. Contact Beaconrisk if you need more help in choosing which level to go for.

Once you have chosen, you will have assessments to complete. The number of assessments will depend on the package you have chosen. It ranges from one to 13 assessments and you will need the right documents and policies proving compliance to hand, with different supply chain standards.

To give you an idea of the type of documented evidence you will need to submit to gain your CHAS assessment then some examples are as follows:

  • Health and Safety policies
  • Records of inspections
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Training certificates
  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements

There is no rush in completing these assessments and you can do so at your own pace. We understand that this can be daunting so getting an accreditation expert to help you can make things a lot easier for yourself and keep your business running smoothly.


Beaconrisk Can Help With CHAS Accreditation

Get in touch with us at Beaconrisk if you would like to know more about the help we can provide you with.

We help many businesses become accredited from start to finish, right up until your assessments have been completed and approved and you have successfully gained your CHAS accreditation.

Accreditation applications take time and we understand that you may not have the time or money to be able to stop working to focus on gaining your accreditation. At Beaconrisk, we will do our best to make things easy for you.

You will be assigned a specialist who will help you, including managing, completing and submitting your application forms on your behalf, relieving the pressure and stress.

Contact us today, and finish our website where all of our contact details can be found as well as information about what we do.