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Top 5 Benefits of CHAS Membership

CHAS is a popular accreditation scheme for you to gain to enhance your business, especially if you would like to gain some recognition for your construction company.

If you need more information about CHAS, we have put together our top 5 benefits of the CHAS membership from Beaconrisk, so that you can gain more insight into what CHAS accreditation is all about and what it can do for your business, so read on to find out more. If you would like help with how to become CHAS registered, speak to our experts at 0151 647 8658.




CHAS Membership - What Is It?

CHAS membership is an accreditation scheme. CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment and is a trusted online scheme for many industries including the construction industry.

The CHAS accreditation is in place to help businesses with their health and safety competence. It helps to showcase themselves to potential clients which helps them to receive work.

Due to CHAS's recognisability across many different industries, it has quickly become one of the most popular assessment schemes to be a member of. Having the right safety standards is very important in today's world and you can start this by gaining a CHAS membership.


The Top 5 Benefits of CHAS Membership

There are many benefits for your construction company to become CHAS accredited, so we have brought you the top five benefits of CHAS from us at Beaconrisk, so keep reading to learn more.


1. Gain More Work

These days, the companies that are going to win over the work of big contracts and from clients will be the ones that have proven that are Health and Safety compliant and that they are ethical and operate doing things correctly.

An employer’s standards are important to the client. Having that universally recognised CHAS accreditation badge tied to your company is a really beneficial thing for business.

Once you attain accreditation with CHAS, it can help you gain more work with little effort needed. Having the CHAS accreditation can help you beat your competition from those who have not gained CHAS, whereas equally, you can miss out on work if you do not have it yourself.


2. Save You Time and Money in the Long Run

Initially, the CHAS accreditation might take some time and require some effort to complete in order for you to gain the CHAS accreditation. It is a thorough inspection of your business and will take some time and effort to complete. CHAS look at all areas of your Health and Safety, including your policies, appropriate training and competence across all levels of the company.

CHAS reduces the supply chain and helps you to find new work by connecting pre-approved companies with larger corporations to work on larger projects. This saves a lot of time, money and effort in the long run of trying to find work for yourself.


3. Access to New Resources

Once you are accredited with CHAS, you will be able to experience many of the benefits. You can make the most of exclusive membership benefits when you become a CHAS-accredited member. You will gain discounted and also free services, products and training courses with your membership, which can all contribute to helping your business grow and thrive.

Some of the resources you will have access to include online training and exclusive discounts from retailers such as B&Q. It is easy to see why over 32,000 businesses in the UK hold some level of CHAS accreditation. CHAS always benefits the business and the client.


4. Professional Image

CHAS looks professional. It has the ability to boost your construction company from a regular business to one that proves its legitimacy, safety and reliability. Forget relying on personal recommendations and word of mouth to spread the word of how great your company is, that you are trustworthy and do a great job - CHAS does this for you.

CHAS helps all businesses, no matter what their size or how well-established they are. Gaining your CHAS safety membership showcases to potential clients that you are a fantastic company to hire for business.

Seeing your CHAS accreditation will instantly make new clients feel at ease, as they will know that you are compliant with all safety laws and that your company is run well and has every necessary policy in place.


5. Become More Visible

With a database full of thousands of prospective clients, you will instantly become more visible to thousands of potential suppliers. This is great news in regard to work, as you will see new opportunities come in and constant opportunities for more work.

Organisations and clients will be able to see you easily and quickly through the CHAS database, giving them exactly what they are looking for with little effort on your part.


Beaconrisk Can Help You with CHAS 

The CHAS process involved in gaining the accreditation can be long-winded and stressful. It can be overwhelming and perhaps difficult, especially if you are not confident or unsure about what you are doing or about the paperwork you need to submit.

This should not deter you from gaining your accreditation, as at Beaconrisk, we can offer expert help with the CHAS accreditation. 

At Beaconrisk, we are accreditation experts, dedicated to supporting you and helping you apply for CHAS among other accreditations, helping you gain accreditations in no time and without all of the hassle.

We can help you sail through the application process, taking care of any paperwork and difficulties that you may face. This means you can carry on doing what you do best - managing your business.

Contact us today for more information and visit our website where you will find more information about what we do along with all of our contact details.