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Accreditation for Construction Health and Safety

Health and Safety is something everybody should consider, especially in a high-risk environment and industry, such as construction.

There is no better way to demonstrate your compliance than to gain an accreditation to legitimately show others that you have all the procedures in place. Read this article today to learn all about a popular accreditation for the construction industry.


Accreditation for the Construction Industry

Gaining accreditation for your construction business can benefit your company greatly. Having accreditation for a construction company allows you to be seen by more people and showcase yourself as being a reputable company.

Having an accreditation that is dedicated to the construction industry can help assure people that you are legitimate and take construction health and safety seriously, to the industry standard level.


Constructionline Accreditation for Construction Health and Safety

Constructionline is an accreditation scheme that is popular within the construction industry. Constructionline is an online membership database that creates awareness of your company - it shows that you have the correct site safety for construction workers and any visitors that may come onto the premises of your workplace.

The Constructionline database matches clients with contractors and highlights to potential clients your compliance in many areas including health and safety training, and safety management, amongst so many other risk areas too.

If potential clients are looking for work, no matter how large or small the organisation they can find a reputable company that they know they can trust, through Constructionline.

To be granted with the Constructionline accreditation, you will have to be assessed on various aspects of your business. Some of the main areas that Constructionline looks into include things such as:

  • Financials
  • Compliance
  • Operation processes
  • Health & Safety


Why Get the Constructionline Accreditation for Health and Safety

There are many benefits to gaining Constructionline accreditation, as well as proving your health and safety compliance.

There are four different levels of Constructionline to choose from for your company. The level you go for will be the most suitable for your business and the higher the level the more intense the assessment scheme.

Constructionline can save you time and money in the long run. This is because the portal can match you easily with buyers, saving you time in the supply chain by eliminating the need for finding clients for yourself.

The right accreditation can help your business to grow. With Constructionline being an online accreditation database, you can be seen and recognised by thousands, ultimately helping you to grow as a business and gain more clients.

Health and safety laws are in place to protect all workforces. The risk of injury is considerably higher in the construction industry, therefore having an accreditation such as Constructionline demonstrates that you have compliance and operate things safely within your organisation.

Constructionline focuses on a range of areas that are important to the construction industry, such as Health and Safety. This is a factor for this industry, so Constructionline accesses it in relation to construction in more detail.


What Do You Need for a Construction Health and Safety Accreditation?

If you want to apply for Constructionline accreditation you will need to give the following information so it can be assessed.

These things include business and financial details, proof of training, as well as risk assessments and method statements and an up-to-date Health & Safety Policy, to name a few things.


Beaconrisk Can Help You

Using Beaconrisk to help you become compliant with an accreditation scheme such as Constructionline can immediately take away the stress and the time it takes to become accredited.

Showing compliance with health and safety along with other factors means you have to provide a lot of documentation, and knowing what to do and how to do it can be daunting. This is where Beaconrisk can help you.

At Beaconrisk, we are the accreditation experts and have supported in over 3000 successful constructionline accreditation and SSIP accreditation applications across the UK. 

Our support can speed up the process, get you health and safety compliant and accredited in no time, with a trusted and widely recognised scheme such as Constructionline.

You will be assigned a consultant with us who will answer questions on your behalf, ensuring you are and remain compliant with all aspects of Constructionline accreditation standards.

Contact us today or visit our website for more information about our services, online training course and more about what we do.