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What You Can Do Once You're CHAS Approved

The CHAS accreditation is a priority for many construction companies. CHAS is such a widely recognised and trusted accreditation scheme across the UK and it should be a priority for your construction business if you have not gained the accreditation already.

Once you have received the CHAS approval, there are lots of benefits for your company, as well as showcasing your Health and Safety compliance in accordance to industry standards and health and safety law. Read on to discover what is possible once your company is CHAS approved.


CHAS Accreditation

CHAS is an accreditation scheme that is dedicated to health and safety. It stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme and is a trusted scheme across many industries, including the construction industry.

To become accredited with CHAS, you must pass the CHAS accreditation process - which looks intensely into many different areas and aspects of health and safety. A few areas of the health and safety assessment include your company’s:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Trade Based Training
  • Health and Safety Policy and Procedures
  • Health and Safety Advice
  • Contractor Management and Competence

CHAS is an SSIP accreditation (Safety Schemes in Procurement) and will provide you with the opportunity to showcase your competence in health and safety to CHAS through paperwork, documentation and training of employees.

The CHAS accreditation is also an online database that is full of companies that have been found to meet excellent health and safety standards. The CHAS database can be accessed by thousands, including large organisations that are often looking for reliable businesses to take on work for them.

The large organisations consist of local councils and the government, and it is these large organisations that are looking for trustworthy and safe working people with an SSIP accreditation, such as the CHAS accreditation, to carry out their desired work.


Becoming CHAS Approved

CHAS are the leading UK health and safety accreditation scheme; they are committed to helping companies showcase their compliance with health and safety.

With over 32,000 contractors, you too can join those that are already benefiting from being accredited with CHAS and reaping the rewards.


What You Can Do Once You’re CHAS Approved

Once you have been approved by CHAS, you will become part of their online database of companies that have all been approved by CHAS. It is here where clients often source and find reliable contractors that they wish for them to carry out work for them. 

At Beaconrisk, we have listed some of the main benefits once you have gained the CHAS accreditation for your business.


Show Off Your Compliance Standards

Demonstrate to your supply chain for new and existing clients and customers that you are health and safety compliant. You will also be gaining SSIP accreditation (Safety Schemes in Procurement), this is due to CHAS being a member of the SSIP forum - so you will be a member of the SSIP once you have become accredited and gained your CHAS membership.

CHAS is a co-founder of SSIP, an umbrella organisation that draws several Health and Safety schemes together, combining them into the SSIP accreditation. Having CHAS as your SSIP, you are showcasing your compliance which can gain you access to many work opportunities.


Save Yourself Time and Money

By becoming CHAS-approved, you will find yourself saving your business a lot of time and money from the tender process. You will be visible to thousands of clients who are looking for work and for a safe company that they can rely on like yours.


Win New Clients

Winning yourself new clients is something that you will gain with the CHAS accreditation. As CHAS is so recognised across many industries, not just in construction, you will find lots of people looking for businesses that are specifically CHAS approved.

You are more likely to win work over your competitors with your CHAS membership compared to those that don't have the CHAS accreditation in place.


Monitor Your Health and Safety Standard

Once accredited, you must monitor and maintain your Health and Safety standards. Your monitoring procedures will be reviewed as part of your CHAS assessment to ensure you are continually reviewing and improving your standards, making sure that they do not slip.

Your monitoring process should include site inspections, action plans, audits and Health and Safety meetings.


Beaconrisk Can Help

Now that you have discovered how your company can benefit from being approved by CHAS, what are you waiting for? With the help of Beaconrisk, why not start the CHAS accreditation and gain the many benefits of the CHAS membership that you will be awarded once you gain the CHAS accreditation.

There is a lot of paperwork and time involved in gaining CHAS but do not worry, Beaconrisk offer expert CHAS accreditation support.  

As part of our CHAS accreditation support service, Beaconrisk can help you through the CHAS process, taking care of any paperwork and helping you become compliant in all areas of Health and Safety with CHAS so that you can pass the accreditation with flying colours.

Why not contact Beaconrisk today if you need advice on the CHAS membership. Our team will be happy to help you and discuss CHAS costs. We can save you a lot of time, money and hassle and help you with a range of accreditations including CHAS, SafeContractor, Constructionline, Acclaim and many more.