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Why You Should Be CHAS Registered in 2023

The CHAS accreditation is a popular SSIP accreditation scheme and it is well worth looking into gaining this accreditation for your company. Having this SSIP accreditation can help you show others your competence whilst keeping all employees, visitors and anyone else on your premise or construction site safe.

Beaconrisk are here to discuss the reasons why you should be CHAS registered in 2024. Read on if you would like to know more about the CHAS accreditation along with the benefits it can bring to your company this year.



What Does CHAS Mean?

CHAS is a Health and Safety accreditation scheme. The letters in CHAS stand for; Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. It refers to a widely recognised scheme that is trusted across many different types of industries, including those in the construction industry.

CHAS covers many different areas of Health and Safety including risk assessments and management, competency and training, as well as health and safety policies and procedures.

Gaining the CHAS accreditation shows you are compliant and a safe working company to thousands of prospective clients. This is because CHAS is the UK’s leading accreditation scheme and is used by over 2500 clients to help those who are looking to source work from a reputable and trustworthy company that they can rely on.

There are three different levels of CHAS to choose from including CHAS Standard, CHAS Advanced, and CHAS Elite. The level of CHAS you choose will depend largely on which one is the most suitable for your business.


CHAS Accreditation - The Benefits

To understand why you should be registered with CHAS for this year in 2024, you should understand the benefits of CHAS and what CHAS accreditation can do for your company. This can help to demonstrate why you should gain the CHAS accreditation.

Gaining CHAS will require some effort to attain, but it will be well worth it as you reap the benefits that this trusted accreditation scheme will bring to you.


Demonstrate Your Compliance

Construction companies need to demonstrate their compliance as health and safety is a huge factor of construction - there are more risks involved in this industry than in most other industries.

Health and safety compliance is something that prospective clients will look into, especially if they are large organisations and bigger clients. Gaining accreditation with CHAS will therefore win over more work.


More Than a Certificate

CHAS is something to shout about if you have achieved this SSIP accreditation for your business. Those that have gained an SSIP accreditation with CHAS proudly displayed their approved logo for all to see. This is for good reason too.

These days, having a certificate of certification should ensure that you complete jobs to a high standard, to safe working practices, by industry standards.

Long gone are the days when work was sought after that was cheap and workers were quick to get the job done. Clients are after safety and a job done well these days - and being registered with CHAS completed showcases that for you.


Beyond Health and Safety

The CHAS accreditation isn’t just about health and safety. It shows an employer's and company’s ethics, their standards and how much they care about their workers.

These are all major factors within the industry, and having the CHAS accreditation proves this.


Why You Should Be CHAS Registered in 2024

As CHAS is so widely recognised, it is a good idea to obtain it for your business in construction. It is also an advantage as CHAS is a broad health and safety assessment scheme, helping many different types of industries including the public sector, manufacturing, transport and distribution, education and facilities management.

This means that more people will recognise the CHAS accreditation logo, including your potential clients. It will not just be recognised by those that are familiar with construction-specific industries.

It is these factors which will sway a decision on whether to take out a contract with your company. It could be the difference between whether a client, big or small, decides to go with you or one of your competitors.

If you are not CHAS registered, you may be filtered out of many people's or clients’ searches when they are seeking a company to do work for them.

You want to be recognised and not overlooked, having your name registered with CHAS accreditation shows that you are compliant across many areas, and are trustworthy and safe.


Beaconrisk Can Help You

Registering with CHAS in the first place can be daunting, we understand. You might not know where to start or how to go about gaining the accreditation with CHAS. This is totally normal and it is ok to feel this way.

At Beaconrisk, we are the accreditation experts that can help you to become accredited today by supporting you with your CHAS application. We offer a whole range of support through the process for various accreditation services including the CHAS accreditation, the SafeContractor accreditation and many more. 

Contact Beaconrisk today for more information and free advice. We always provide a cost-effective service that can help you to become registered with your chosen accreditation in no time, taking away the stress and hassle that comes with gaining accreditations.