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SSIP Certification: What is it And Why Do I Need It?

SSIP stands for Safety Schemes in Procurement and it is a set of health and safety regulations that are frequently part of the tender process when applying for construction projects. Accreditation schemes that are part of the SSIP scheme are CHAS, SMAS and SafeContractor. But which is best, CHAS or Constructonline? Read our blog to find out!

It sounds confusing, right? So let's narrow this down. An SSIP assessment scheme is carried out by a member scheme such as a SafeContractor. This is important in order to evaluate how your business manages health and safety.

Some of the key things they look at are your health and safety policy, competent advice, insurance, training, risk assessments and much more. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing what an SSIP certificate is, its benefits and why you need it. Interested? Read on to find out more!


What Are The Benefits of an SSIP Accreditation Scheme

There are many benefits of joining an SSIP Accreditation scheme. Over the year, an SSIP Accreditation can save you time, money and help demonstrate that you’re a safe organisation. The benefits really are endless. The SSIP works by aiming to save you time and money as you don’t have to complete assessments more than once.

An SSIP certificate is proof that you are SSIP-certified and safe to work with. Some of the benefits include less paperwork, consistency, cost-efficiency and an increase in reputation. SSIP allows for the reduction of paperwork which saves time and resources for contractors and clients.

Another benefit of being SSIP-certified is that you are impressing customers as you have proof that your business has been assessed and has been able to effectively demonstrate that you have the appropriate health and safety procedures in place.

In addition, SSIP certification can drastically increase your company's reputation. This is because it shows that your business has completed a well-respected assessment regarding its health and safety practices.

Certificates and badges are proof that your company has gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of your workplace. Potential customers want to know that they are

in safe hands when choosing your company, which is another reason why an SSIP certificate is important as proof that you prioritise health and safety within your workplace.


What is the Difference Between CHAS, SafeContractor and SSIP?

To sum it up, the SSIP accreditation is made up of different registered members such as CHAS, SMAS and Safecontractor. Each of these accreditations is used to assess health and safety within the workplace using the same benchmark.

But, how did SSIP come about? The main reason behind this is because of the high amount of accidents and fatalities that were occurring at work. Due to this, the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSE), was introduced with the aim to prevent and reduce any potential hazards or risks within the workplace.

Due to the different types of schemes, companies were finding that they were filling out different accreditation forms that were very similar to each other. This is where the SSIP scheme was formed in 2009 to reduce the duplication of different assessments.

Therefore, the SSIP scheme is an accreditation that can be completed through a variety of different accreditation schemes, such as SafeContractor, SMAS, CHAS and more. This saves businesses time and money as they don’t have to complete numerous amounts of duplicated assessments.

The CHAS application process can be confusing. So if you would like more information on the CHAS process and how to meet excellent health and safety standards, make sure to check out our blog!


Which Businesses Benefit From an SSIP Certificate?

Many businesses can benefit from SSIP certificates, such as the construction industry, engineering, recruitment, agriculture, manufacturing and so on. All of these companies work with potential hazards and risks on a day-to-day basis, so ensuring they have the correct health and safety procedures through an SSIP accreditation is important.

All companies (no matter the size or type) that wish to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety are eligible to complete an SSIP assessment in order to become SSIP accredited. However, it is a legal requirement for high-risk companies as they need to demonstrate that they have the relevant knowledge and training to prevent any potential hazards or risks.

To sum up, any organisation that works in a high-risk environment should to have proof of an SSIP certificate to demonstrate that they prioritise health and safety within the workplace.


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