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What is Acclaim Accreditation? A Helpful Guide

With so many accreditations out there, it can be confusing to differentiate between them all. So, let's start with the Acclaim Accreditation to ensure you have a thorough understanding of what exactly the Acclaim Accreditation is.

The Acclaim Accreditation is a member of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) and is an online assessment form to comply with health and safety standards.

This accreditation allows you to demonstrate to customers that you meet certain standards and ensures that you are up to date with all things health and safety. Read on for more information on the Acclaim Accreditation and the key benefits of the Acclaim Accreditation.


Acclaim Accreditation Explained

The Acclaim Accreditation falls under the SSIP scheme along with many other accreditation schemes such as CHAS, SMAS and SafeContractor.

The Acclaim Accreditation is part of the Constructionline portal and is used to help reduce the duplication of health and safety documentation and paperwork in procurement.

Accessing the Acclaim Accreditation on the Constructionline portal saves you the hassle of having to log in to different accounts as well as allows you to manage your compliances on one platform.

Officially launched back in 2012, the Acclaim Accreditation was put in place to improve health and safety standards across the UK. This accreditation also falls under the SSIP scheme and is used to help reduce the duplication of health and safety documentation and paperwork in procurement.

SSIP accreditations are there for anyone who provides services to businesses in the public and private sectors. But what exactly is the SSIP scheme? Click here to find out! If you wish to provide your clients with peace of mind and assurance that their business meets health and safety standards, then becoming Acclaim accredited is the ideal solution.

Many people believe that this accreditation only applies to high-risk organisations such as construction, however, this isn’t the case. If you are a business that deals with customers on a daily basis, then demonstrating that you have the Acclaim Accreditation certificate will allow customers to trust your company.

This is because you are demonstrating that you have the correct health and safety systems in place and understand how important health and safety regulations are to your business.


Acclaim Accreditation: The Key Benefits

Now we have a better understanding of what Acclaim Accreditation is, let's move on to the benefits. The Acclaim Accreditation covers a variety of areas such as health and safety training, work equipment procedures, health and safety policy arrangements, risk assessments, COSHH assessments and much more.

But, what exactly are the benefits? The Acclaim Accreditation allows you to confidently demonstrate to your clients that you have the right legal health and safety procedures in place.

Another benefit of this accreditation is that you don’t need to go through a third party to complete your accreditation form. There are over 2500 buyers that use the Constructionline portal, such as the NHS, KIER, Skanska and the National Trust.

These buyers use the online portal to identify and hire certain contractors from specific industries. Therefore, if you demonstrate that you hold the Acclaim Accreditation, you are more likely to win more work and lucrative contracts.

Finally, this accreditation can save you time and money by allowing you to bypass unnecessary questions on pre-qualification questionnaires. So, if you want to demonstrate your commitment to health and safety as well as save yourself time and money, then Acclaim Accreditation is the solution for you.


Acclaim Accreditation with Beaconrisk

Here at Beaconrisk, we understand how overwhelming the application process can be which is why we are here to help take the hassle away. Whether you don’t have enough time to sit down and complete the assessment or simply just want that extra bit of support, Beaconrisk can help.

Our expert consultants will identify gaps in your existing documentation as well as complete and submit the Acclaim application for you. This is ideal as it allows you to continue running your business without the hassle of completing assessments getting in the way.

Not only do our expert consultants identify areas of improvement in your current documentation, but they also provide you with compliant documentation to help support your application. Once this is complete, our team will then answer the online question sets before uploading all documents to the Acclaim Application.

We ensure that you are deemed compliant with the health and safety standards. Here at Beaconrisk, our number one priority is our customers and their experience. This is why we make sure that we are hands-on at all times to ensure that your experience with us is as stress-free and straightforward as possible.

For more information on the Acclaim Accreditation or any other SSIP safety schemes, such as SafeContractor, SMAS or CHAS, make sure to check out our Accreditations section on our website.

Alternatively, for more information or advice contact us at 0151 647 8658. We look forward to hearing from you.