What is CAS?

CAS stands for Common Assessment Standard and is a form of accreditation that was first introduced by the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and Build UK.

It was created as a way to reduce the number of inefficiencies that not only put people at risk but cost the construction industry around a billion pounds per year.

In order to achieve CAS accreditation, you need to meet certain requirements. It comprises an industry-agreed set of questions that are based on existing questionnaires, including PAS 91, as well as corresponding assessment standards.

The accreditation is backed by over 30 of the biggest clients in the industry, and aims to save you time, effort, and money that you’d spend on other relevant accreditations.

As well as being backed by a large number of construction clients, CAS accreditation includes 3 major assessment bodies - CHAS Elite, Achilles Building Confidence, and Constructionline Gold.

CAS was created to standardise the prequalification process, which not only reassures contractors and clients and helps them find reliable business opportunities but reduces risk in the supply chain.

The scheme was designed based on the PAS 91 prequalification and helps contractors to achieve the right compliance. It also helps businesses and individuals to lower risk across a variety of risk management areas.