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What Does CHAS Accredited Mean?

Being CHAS accredited can greatly help a business in many ways. As a recognisable SSIP Accreditation scheme that shows people you are reliable and trustworthy, it is something that you should look into attaining if you haven’t already.

Looking to know a bit more about CHAS accreditation and what it means for a business like yours? You have come to the right place, we will explain below just what this popular accreditation can mean for your business, what it shows to others and how you can get the right help in order to become accredited - so keep reading to learn more.

What Does CHAS Accredited Mean?

CHAS is a health and safety accreditation scheme - the letters in CHAS stand for ‘The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme’. It is one of the main online accreditations on the market to demonstrate health and safety compliance. It greatly helps businesses meet excellent health and safety standards and showcases that to others including prospective clients.

CHAS is a popular assessment scheme for many businesses and across many industries. The CHAS accreditation is there to save you time and money, as it is a widely recognisable assessment scheme that confirms a business is doing its bit and fulfilling everything required of them by law.


What Does It Mean to Be CHAS Accredited?

Becoming CHAS accredited will help your business to grow. Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor, receiving accreditation from CHAS can benefit your work in many ways. Some of the following benefits listed below are sure to help your business thrive.


Shows You Are Trustworthy

The CHAS Accreditation helps show you are trustworthy. Trust is a big thing for customers and clients, and so showing your business has made the effort to prove compliance is best practice.

CHAS can help you to gain more business opportunities compared to those who are not accredited, and it demonstrates you take your business seriously with the proper industry standards.


Gain More Work

Local authorities especially require their contractors to be safety certified. Hospitals, universities and schools, for example, will need their contractors to be accredited before they enable you to carry out their work - therefore leading you to new opportunities.

You will also be able to advertise your CHAS accreditation logo across your paperwork and online too. This logo clearly showcases to others that you have met the industry standards.


Shows You Are Health and Safety Compliant

As CHAS requires you to provide thorough evidence of safety procedures and health and safety measures, you are highlighting that your business is compliant with the health and safety measures of the law.

You will also gain a strong awareness of safety and your workplace is likely to become a safe environment to be in due to the CHAS accreditation.


Prove Compliance Through Other Areas

CHAS has different levels of accreditation and the one you choose often depends on your business. There is CHAS Standard, CHAS Advanced and CHAS Elite (The Common Assessment Standard). 

CHAS Advanced and CHAS Elite will assess more than just health and safety within a business - for example, Common Assessment Standard (CHAS Elite) assesses the anti-bribery procedure as well as the areas of risk management.


Improve Working Prospects

CHAS can help the number of new opportunities that come your way. You will be available to be viewed publicly by many through a searchable database.

New clients can find you whenever they need a contractor. Being on the CHAS accreditation database will help your business grow as you will be seen and recognised by many.


Will Save You Time and Money

There will be no need for multiple assessment bodies to assess how your business operates. CHAS is a recognised body of accreditation, meaning investing in your business with a CHAS accreditation could be the only accreditation you need for your company.

The streamlined pre-qualification solutions will also simplify the process. The CHAS scheme can help your business to show compliance in up to 13 areas of risk management systems.


Why Become CHAS Accredited?

Becoming a CHAS member will see you gain access to online training, accreditation schemes, and discounts and even prequalify your work opportunities with leading organisations.


Becoming CHAS Accredited With Beaconrisk

The CHAS application requires you and your business to provide lots of necessary paperwork to show your evidence of compliance in areas of risk management, along with others. This is often a time-consuming, difficult process and must be completed correctly to attain the accreditation and not cause delays in the process.

Beaconrisk can always help you attain your desired accreditations for your business. Our team of accreditation experts understand that becoming CHAS accredited is a timely process, and can be difficult when you have other priorities in your business and ongoing jobs that need completing.

Due to a lack of understanding and training, over 80% of contractors that attempt to gain CHAS accreditation fail on their first attempt. 

Get the help your business needs with Beaconrisk and allow us to speed up the process so you can become CHAS accredited in no time.

Now that you know the importance of becoming a CHAS-accredited member from this article and what it could mean for you and your business, there really is no time to lose. Beaconrisk can assist you with choosing a CHAS membership package that is the right one for you, whilst helping you with all the documents needed throughout the process.

Contact Beaconrisk today to open up more doors for your business and help your company grow and thrive. All of our contact details can be found on our website and we look forward to helping you.