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How Can Accreditation Help Your Business

In 2022, many businesses - specifically in the construction industry - will jump through the correct hoops and gain accreditation.

There are a variety of accreditation providers out there, whether it be ISO, CHAS, ConstructionlineSMAS, Acclaim, and many more.

Accreditation can help your business in a variety of ways, from building trust with clients and employees to gaining a competitive edge and acquiring more clients - and ultimately building profits.

If you’re considering gaining accreditation for your business, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out how your business can benefit from gaining accreditation.


Accreditation Builds Trust

One of the main benefits of gaining the relevant accreditation for your business is that it builds trust. To acquire the right accreditation, you have to demonstrate compliance with their regulations, which ultimately demonstrates that you’re a trustworthy business.

This is beneficial when hiring new employees as well as acquiring new clients. If a client is considering working with multiple businesses, they are far more likely to opt for a business that is accredited.

Schemes such as Achilles and Constructionline require you to be regularly assessed, which ensures that you meet the standard.

Having the right accreditation behind you proves to other businesses, competitors, potential clients, suppliers, and contractors that you have gained a certain level of expertise - and that you comply with the European and UK standards.

They are more likely to trust your business to deliver expert services, as you have demonstrated that you’re committed to achieving and adhering to the industry standards, whether it be in terms of health and safety, the environment, quality, or training.


Accreditation Can Help You Increase Profits

Gaining accreditation required meeting the industry standard and demonstrating that you’re committed. By jumping through the correct hoops, you may ultimately reduce liability insurance, which can save you money.

You can also save money from other professional services, as many accreditation schemes will provide you with advice as part of the service, whether it be about legal issues, health and safety advice, or HR. This could save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds, especially if you’re a larger business that already pays for a variety of services.

Once you become accredited, it should be much easier to acquire new clients, which ultimately grows your profits. It can also be easier for you to employ new staff or contractors, and expand your business in general.

Any customers will be more drawn towards a business that’s accredited. Accreditation is certainly attractive to potential clients and customers and can give you a competitive edge against others in the industry.

Being an accredited business can also save you money if you’re a part of the supply chain. It can help to reduce costs as the whole chain can adopt a method, allowing you to benefit from profit margins.

Having a health and safety-related accreditation can also ensure that you meet the legal health and safety requirements. It can prevent you from neglecting these legal requirements, meaning you shouldn't be at risk of being prosecuted.


Accreditation Can Give You a Competitive Edge

There are countless industries in the UK - and the construction sector is one of the largest, employing over 9% of the UK workforce, which equates to over 3 million people.

If you plan on growing your business, whether it be by targeting a new supply chain or market, acquiring new clients, expanding your workforce or simply growing your profits, acquiring the right accreditations can be the best way to gain a competitive advantage against the other businesses striving to do the same thing.

Having accreditation proves that you meet the right standards, and proves that you’re up to the task. Simply having an accreditation name on your business's website can help you beat the competition. It creates a unique selling point, allowing you to promote your services in a professional and proven manner.