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Our Guide To The Achilles Accreditation

Health and safety should be at the heart of any business, regardless of the industry. One of the best ways of ensuring that your health and safety is up to scratch and proving it is by receiving relevant accreditation.

You may have heard of CHASSMAS or Constructionline but have you heard of Achilles accreditation? It’s one of the most recognised certification schemes across the UK, and it could be just what your business needs to go one step further than your competitors.

Keep reading to learn more about the Achilles accreditation, including what it is, how to get it, and the benefits of having Achilles certification.


What Is The Achilles Accreditation?

Achilles was founded back in 1990 as a way for companies in different industries (e.g construction) to gain more control.

It’s one of the most widely recognised certifications - not just across the UK, but all around the world. The risk assessment programs are of great quality, giving it a competitive edge against other certification services.

Having Achilles accreditation shows that you take health and safety seriously - and can help businesses trust the companies that they conduct work with. Businesses can take a look at which companies have accreditation, ultimately allowing them to decide which businesses are trustworthy.

Achilles will help you to identify, assess, and monitor the supply chain, helping to reduce the risk for buyers as well as tenders. This is a great way of maintaining industry standards, as well as highlighting any potential issues in the supply chain of a range of enterprises.

Achilles involves a thorough compliance program that essentially analyses all areas of your business. This included health and safety, sustainability, social responsibility (equal rights), security (e.g GDPR), on-site facilities, and quality systems.


How Do I Get Achilles Accreditation?

It may be easier for some than others to get Achilles certified. If you already have excellent systems in place, then it will be a lot easier for you to achieve Achilles accreditation than it would for a business that still has a lot of work to do.

As previously mentioned, different areas of your business will be assessed, including health and safety, environment, social responsibility, quality systems, and security.

In order to gain Achilles accreditation, you’ll need to undergo a management system evaluation. You’ll also be subject to an on-site assessment to ensure that everything is up to Achilles standard.

An auditor will assess your current systems and review them. Then, they’ll be checked to ensure that the right measures are undergone all across the board. If you'd like some quality health and safety advice, click here.  


What Are The Benefits of Achilles Accreditation?

There are countless benefits of Achilles accreditation, for both businesses looking to improve their reputation or gain more clients, and businesses looking to work with other businesses.

If you don’t have Achilles accreditation, then chances are, you’ll find it pretty difficult to compete with other businesses and win tenders. Completing the Achilles accreditation is a sure way of putting you ahead of your competitors, increasing your chances of winning tenders.

Failing to achieve relevant certifications could leave you falling behind in your industry, as you may not be able to access big or reputable organisations to help you grow. Achilles is a great way of assuring continuous growth.

Being Achilles certified means that you can achieve the growth you need, compete with similar businesses, improve your reputation, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Other businesses and potential clients are far more likely to trust your business if you’re Achilles certified. Achilles is a well-known scheme in a variety of industries - in fact, it’s one of the most recognised accreditations.

If you have Achilles accreditation, your business is more likely to stand out from others. Regardless of which industry you’re in, having relevant accreditation is a sure way of proving that you comply with regulations and that you’re a trustworthy company to conduct business with.

It’s a great way of improving the reputation of your business and demonstrating to others that you are capable, you take health and safety seriously, and you’re a transparent and trustworthy business.

Another benefit of the Achilles accreditation is that it can help you cut costs - any business would jump at the chance of cutting costs, and there’s a chance to do this with Achilles certification.