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Where to Find Constructionline Accreditation Help

The Constructionline accreditation has been running for over 20 years. It offers support for thousands of businesses and helps link buyers with contractors within the construction industry - across both private and public sectors.

This article will explain all about Construction Accreditation, what it is, along with how you can find accreditation help and support with us at Beaconrisk - so read on to learn more.


What Is Constructionline Accreditation?

The Constructionline Accreditation is an online accreditation database used throughout the UK for the construction industry. The database is aimed to save you a lot of money, time and hassle during the tender process.

There are 2500 members and these include the government, local authorities and main contractors. Constructionline can help match buyers with the appropriate contractors which helps the process of the supply chain whilst ensuring potential buyers that their contractors are safe.

Before you are put in touch with the buyers, Constructionline will need you to have a verified Constructionline Accreditation before you begin the process.

Whether you are a new business or already established in the industry, Constructionline can help any construction business and is relevant to all.

Most major construction companies use the Constructionline online portal to help them find a business that is verified and that can help them carry out their desired work. There are also four different levels to the Constructionline Accreditation.


The Four Levels of Constructionline Accreditation

The Constructionline Accreditation has different levels which support different levels of membership for different buyers. The different levels of the Constructionline Accreditation are:

  1. Constructionline Bronze
  2. Constructionline Silver
  3. Constructionline Gold
  4. Constructionline Platinum

Each level has a different set of criteria and as the levels move up, they require a higher level of pre-qualification assessment. Gaining higher levels will demonstrate a higher level of competence to potential buyers. The level you choose to attain is often what you feel is suitable and best for your business. The Constructionline Gold Accreditation level tends to be the most popular level. 


How Constructionline Accreditation Can Benefit Your Business

The Constructionline Accreditation can benefit your business for a variety of reasons and help your business grow. You will be recognised by many large companies and contractors - this could include the NHS, councils or other large organisations.

Being part of the Constructionline online database will gain you more recognition, you will be promoting your business and therefore will gain a new network with more opportunities for work. Showing you have the Constructionline Accreditation also shows a great reputation and reliability - you will look good to others and give them peace of mind that you are a legitimate company.

Constructionline also saves you time, eliminating the process of finding new work for yourself - your name will already be out there and visible to thousands. This reduces administrative time and therefore will save you money.

Most importantly, your company will be recognised with the industry standard and with the government law that you are safe and viable. Without the Constructionline Accreditation, you may lose work to a company that has attained the accreditation.

Over 23,000 other businesses in the UK are registered with Constructionline and over 8000 procurement professionals and 2500 buyers have used the database to help them source and find their contractors or consultants - so get in touch to start your Constructionline accreditation today.


How Will Constructionline Assess My Business?

Constructionline looks at various aspects of your business to grant you accreditation. This will include things from your financials, compliance, and operation processes, including your Health & Safety within the business.

Everything looked into and asked in the Constructionline questionnaire will include information that is relevant to your company. 


How Beaconrisk Can Help With Constructionline Accreditation

We understand that this can be a daunting process to do by yourself, and this is why it is best to get a specialist to help you. If you need Constructionline Accreditation help, Beaconrisk can help you through the Constructionline application process, so you don’t need to worry. Let Beaconrisk help with Constructionline so you can focus on your business, our team can help with the documentation, so you can achieve your accreditation as swiftly and as easily as possible.

Beaconrisk can help you every step of the way, saving you time, money and the hassle of trying to complete the Constructionline Accreditation on your own. If you need help attaining any other accreditation certificates then we can help you with other accreditation schemes such as CHAS, SafeContractor, Acclaim or SMAS for example. Get in contact with us via our website today!