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How Much Does Safecontractor Cost And Is It Worth It?

The SafeContractor Accreditation is a health and Safety scheme in the UK; it is a member of the SSIP and is therefore classed as an SSIP accreditation. In other words, it is an online assessment that lets you show your clients that you have the right health and safety procedures.

There is a range of benefits to being SafeContractor approved, such as adding credibility to your business. It is recommended that all large businesses and organisations should consider becoming SafeContractor-approved.

In addition, this SSIP accreditation can allow your business to win additional contracts and open more doors for your organisation. The SafeContractor accreditation is recommended for all companies, especially those in the construction industry.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing how much SafeCcontractor costs and the benefits of having the SSIP Accreditation. For more information, continue reading.



Is the Safecontractor Accreditation Expensive?

The price of the Safecontractor Accreditation varies depending on the size of your company and plan you choose.

There are four different types of accreditation plans available, such as the standard plan, the express plan, the assisted plan, and the premier plan.

The standard plan is made for people who are familiar with health and safety requirements and have been through an accreditation process before. If you feel comfortable providing the correct health and safety documents, then the standard plan is for you.

Next, there is the assisted plan. This is for those who are looking for advice regarding the requirements they need to meet Safecontractor standards and more.

This plan is ideal for those who are new to health and safety paperwork. The SafeContractor express plan is there for businesses that are looking for a quicker way to gain Safecontractor accreditation.

If you’re familiar with the requirements for the health and safety documentation and have someone who can complete the process for you, then the express plan is the best plan for you.

Finally, SafeContractor have the Premier Plan which is the most expensive plan but offers a quick turnaround. Depending on the plan you choose, determines how much you pay. For example, the Premier Plan is the most expensive, whereas the Standard Plan is the cheapest option.


What Are the Benefits of SafeContractor?

Safecontractor has a range of benefits for your business, as it covers environmental risk management, equal opportunities, health and safety, and diversity. It demonstrates that you take health and safety seriously in the workplace.

This attracts potential clients, as they will feel that they are in safe hands. Being SafeContractor accredited also allows you to bypass long-winded, repetitive questionnaires and assessments. It also reduces the amount of paperwork you need to complete.

Being Safecontractor accredited shows that you are up to date with all paperwork and comply with the legislation. When you become Safecontractor accredited, you will be able to use your certificate to demonstrate your seriousness and commitment to health and safety.


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