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Top 5 Accreditations for the Construction Industry

Accreditation in the construction industry ensures that a site follows the correct procedures and is fully competent. Accreditations and certificates are especially useful in the construction industry for purposes such as confirming that individuals and companies have the correct qualifications to do the job safely, making the whole site reliable.

This helps confirm the reliability of the company and that work will be completed to a high standard. If you would like to know more about the top accreditations for the construction industry then keep reading this article for more.


What Is Accreditation?

Accreditations are the acknowledgement of ability and credibility in a particular industry or field of activity and are governed by an accrediting body of authority. You can accredit individuals, tradespeople, companies and societies - it helps people recognise someone as having a particular status of being qualified. Click here to learn more about how accreditation can help your business


The Top 5 Accreditations for Construction

We have put together this guide and a list of the top 5 accreditations for those in the construction industry - so keep reading to learn more about them.


CHAS Accreditation

CHAS stands for ‘The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme’ and is a trusted health and safety online assessment compliance. This has been the most popular assessment scheme for many across various industries including those in the construction industry, as it demonstrates to prospective clients that you meet health and safety standards and is recognised.

The CHAS Assessment aims to save you time and money when applying for work and most large organisations and local authorities. There are three CHAS levels to choose from which can be found on our website.


SMAS Accreditation

SMAS is a leading Health and Safety Accreditation scheme in the UK, short for Safety Management Advisory Services. It is used to show main contractors and big clients that your business is safe to work on - particularly useful for those in construction when there are many safety hazards. Clients, contractors, and employees will also be reassured that work is completed in a safe working environment.

Many large organisations and local authorities are now insisting that you are accredited before starting a contract - once compliant you will be issued a certificate which will be valid for 12 months and you will have to be awarded each year.


SafeContractor Accreditation

The SafeContractor Accreditation is a leading Health and Safety Accreditation scheme in the UK. SafeContractor is a member of the Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSIP) and is an online assessment for health and safety compliance and helps to demonstrate to clients that you meet health & safety and corporate responsibility standards.

It is a popular and pretty standard for large organisations and local authorities to require you to have the SafeContractor Accreditation in place to do the work that you do in the construction industry.


CAS Accreditation

The Common Assessment Standard (CAS) is a form of accreditation and was created as a way to stop being at risk but costs the construction industry around a billion pounds a year.

This CAS Accreditation is backed by over 30 of the biggest clients in the industry and this accreditation is made up of industry-agreed questions and corresponding assessment standards.


Constructionline Accreditation

Constructionline is an online pre-qualification database that is used by the Construction Industry across the UK. The database is accessed by over 2500 members, including the central government, local authorities and main contractors and aims to match buyers with contractors to simplify the supply chain process.

The majority of the major construction companies use the Constructionline portal to identify verified businesses before they choose to do specific work for them. No matter what the size of your business, Constructionline is relevant to those all across the UK.


Final Note

Many companies choose to have several Health and Safety Accreditations, this is perfectly fine to do and you will find that certain clients will prefer a particular accreditation scheme, so having a few under your belt can benefit you and your business.

We have more accreditations on our website that are available for you to have a look at and do some more research on. Please contact us if you have any questions about any accreditation or health and safety. We can also offer helpful health and safety advice.