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Benefits of Health and Safety eLearning

Having the right health and safety procedures in place helps to ensure that all employees can stay safe in the workplace. If your organisation has the correct health and safety rules in place, more people will feel safe when coming to work as they are in safe hands.

For example, if there were to be any slips, trips or falls in the workplace, then a risk assessment will need to be carried out. However, if you don’t have the correct knowledge of health and safety, then this can be a difficult task.

Lacking health and safety knowledge also means that you will be unaware of the prevention methods that could have been put in place to ensure no one gets injured. This is why it is important to have these procedures in place.

However, don’t worry if you don’t because you are in the right place. Finding the right course that offers flexible, cost-effective features can be difficult, which is why people give up on searching for health and safety courses.

Thankfully, there is a cost-effective, flexible way that you can complete health and safety assignments at your own pace. You may be asking yourself how? The simple answer is by completing an e-learning course with the help of Beaconrisk.

Before we jump into the benefits of health and safety e-learning, it is ideal that you understand what an e-learning course is. For more information, read on.


What is an E-Learning Course?

An e-learning course is an interactive, online training method which is done online through any software. E-learning stands for electronic learning and is provided through electronic devices which allows users to learn anytime and anywhere with few restrictions.

There are e-learning courses available for a wide range of topics, from health and safety to business skills and health & social care. With that many e-learning courses out there, it can be hard to find the right one for you.

This is where we at Beaconrisk step in. We have helped clients from a range of industries to protect their businesses, reputation and workforce since 2009. We work by delivering simple, realistic health and safety management solutions to make sure you are compliant.


Health And Safety E-Learning Courses

Here at Beaconrisk, we offer a wide range of health and safety training courses, including health and safety e-learning courses. From CDM awareness to Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), working at height, asbestos awareness, and legionella, we have it all.

We can guarantee that we have a course suited to your requirements. Our CDM awareness course covers the core concepts of the regulations and details of the roles that are required for a construction project.

This course starts with an introduction to what CDM is and then goes on to cover some of the frameworks that need to be checked during the planning of a project. This course is 40 minutes long and costs £20 per licence.

The COSHH assessment course covers everything you need to know about the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. This course is aimed at those who work with hazardous substances during work. The duration of this course is 125 minutes long.

The legionella course is 75 minutes long and covers what legionella is, the potential risks associated with water systems as well as how you can prevent/control this. All of our courses are IIRSM or CPD approved.


Benefits of E-Learning Courses

There are many benefits of e-learning courses. For example, it is cost-effective as it removes the need for printed course materials and it saves time. E-learning is effective, ensures compliance with the latest regulations and has less impact on the environment.

Online learning is a more effective way to help improve students' test scores during education. Not only is e-learning flexible and easily accessible, but the content is a lot quicker to get through. Many people's attention span is becoming less and less, which is why an online course is the perfect solution.

Nobody enjoys sitting and reading through tons of pages of a textbook, why do it when there are alternative options with a higher success rate for a cheaper price?


Take A Health and Safety eLearning Course Today

Here at Beaconrisk, health and safety is our top priority. We offer a wide range of services from accreditations to e-learning courses, we have everything you need in one place. We understand that implementing health and safety as well as achieving accreditations can be repetitive and stressful.

This is where Beaconrisk can help. Whatever your health and safety requirements, we can support you. Whether you’re looking for an online manual handling course, a risk assessment course, or any other health and safety course, we have something for you at Beaconrisk.

If you would like more information on the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0151 647 8658.