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Reasons to Outsource Health and Safety Support

Outsourcing is when a company or organisation hires a third party (another company) to fulfil its tasks. When people outsource health and safety support, they receive a qualified and experienced expert without having to pay for an in-house health and safety department.

Outsourcing is ideal as it saves you money and increases efficiency. Outsourcing allows companies to remain focused on their operations while cutting out labour costs and expenses. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing reasons to outsource health and safety support. Read on for more information.


Our Guide to COSHH in Schools

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. It is a regulation that has been put in place to protect all members of staff and is especially important in schools. This is done by ensuring that all harmful substances are monitored, secured, and out of reach of children.

Not only is COSHH important in schools, but it’s also important in other organisations that work with hazardous substances. Dangerous substances that can be found in schools include aerosols, bleach, petrol, diesel and more.

Due to the high amount of hazardous substances that can be found in schools, it’s important to have the right health and safety measures in place (such as COSHH). Throughout this blog, we will be exploring our guide to COSHH in schools, read on to find out more information.


Requirements for Constructionline Gold

Constructionline is one of the many accreditations we offer support with at Beaconrisk. It is an online pre-qualification that is often used in the construction industry and the platform is accessed by over 25000 throughout the UK.

There are 4 levels of Constructionline that you can apply for, which are: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Constructionline Gold is the most popular membership level of Constructionline and covers a wide range of areas from quality, environmental, equal opportunities and diversity and it also includes a health and safety accreditation known as an SSIP accreditation

Whether you are new or well-established construction company, Constructionline is relevant to all in the construction industry. Throughout this blog, we will be discussing the requirements of Constructionline Gold. Read on for more information!

What Are RAMS Documents And Why Use Them?

Before we go into why RAMS documents are important, it is ideal that you have a brief understanding of what is involved in a risk assessment and method statement. 

RAMS stands for Risk Assessment Method Statement and is an important document that has to be completed in line with the health and safety legislation in order to identify tasks that are to be carried out.

When you are reviewing health and safety in the workplace, you may come across RAMS documents. RAMS are often required for those working in the construction industry and they are often included alongside health and safety policies.

Risk assessments are used by a wide range of organisations to recognise any potential hazards in the workplace, assess the severity and likelihood of the risks happening. This is especially important for high risk environments such as the construction industry to help reduce health and safety risks.

RAMS are available for any business that is looking to improve its overall health and safety and risk management. However, they are most popular in the construction industry because you are working day in and day out with dangerous tasks.

In this blog, we will be exploring what RAMS documents are and why businesses use them. For more information, read on!