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Construction Health and Safety Regulations Explained

Health and safety is important in all workplaces, especially for those working in construction. When a health and safety regulation applies to construction work, this is usually enforced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Health and safety regulations apply to every industry and are important considerations for any upcoming construction project. These health and safety regulations are there to help you to keep your workplace safe and to comply with the law.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing why health and safety regulations are so important in construction, and the types of regulations to be aware of. Read on to understand the construction health and safety regulations.

Why You Should Be CHAS Registered in 2023

The CHAS accreditation is a popular SSIP accreditation scheme and it is well worth looking into gaining this accreditation for your company. Having this SSIP accreditation can help you show others your competence whilst keeping all employees, visitors and anyone else on your premise or construction site safe.

Beaconrisk are here to discuss the reasons why you should be CHAS registered in 2023. Read on if you would like to know more about the CHAS accreditation along with the benefits it can bring to your company this year.

What You Can Do Once You're CHAS Approved

The CHAS accreditation is a priority for many construction companies. CHAS is such a widely recognised and trusted accreditation scheme across the UK and it should be a priority for your construction business if you have not gained the accreditation already.

Once you have received the CHAS approval, there are lots of benefits for your company, as well as showcasing your Health and Safety compliance in accordance to industry standards and health and safety law. Read on to discover what is possible once your company is CHAS approved.

Accreditation for Construction Health and Safety

Health and Safety is something everybody should consider, especially in a high-risk environment and industry, such as construction.

There is no better way to demonstrate your compliance than to gain an accreditation to legitimately show others that you have all the procedures in place. Read this article today to learn all about a popular accreditation for the construction industry.