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The Importance of PPE Training

PPE is an essential component of all high-risk workplaces. It is there to keep yourself and others safe. Protective equipment is worn to prevent exposure to chemicals or contaminants that can cause illness and is a vital part of infection control.

Some workplaces that require PPE are the construction industry, dentistry, and hospitals to name a few. This is to prevent any exposure to infectious diseases.

All organisations and high-risk businesses should be able to establish protocols and provide education in line with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

As you can see, the use of correct PPE is a necessity in order to keep yourself and your workplace safe. For more information on the importance of PPE safety training, read on.


How Much Does Safecontractor Cost And Is It Worth It?

The SafeContractor Accreditation is a health and Safety scheme in the UK; it is a member of the SSIP and is therefore classed as an SSIP accreditation. In other words, it is an online assessment that lets you show your clients that you have the right health and safety procedures.

There is a range of benefits to being SafeContractor approved, such as adding credibility to your business. It is recommended that all large businesses and organisations should consider becoming SafeContractor-approved.

In addition, this SSIP accreditation can allow your business to win additional contracts and open more doors for your organisation. The SafeContractor accreditation is recommended for all companies, especially those in the construction industry.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing how much SafeCcontractor costs and the benefits of having the SSIP Accreditation. For more information, continue reading.


Common Health and Safety Questions (And Answers!)

There are many rules and legislations to follow when it comes to health and safety and it can be difficult to keep up with updates. Health and safety legislation is put into place by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), and it is important to follow legislation in all industries to protect yourself and your workplace.

By protecting your workplace, you are also reducing any possible absences related to accidents or injuries by ensuring that your work environment is safe. As health and safety is such a massive part of all workplaces, it can become confusing trying to keep up with any changes or updates to the health and safety regulations.

Throughout this blog, we will be exploring a range of different health and safety questions and answers. This is to test your knowledge and help give you a better understanding of health and safety rules and regulations. For more information, please read on!

Do I Need to Take a Risk Assessment Training Course?

A risk assessment course is used to teach people what risk assessments are and how and when to perform them. The course provides you with a thorough understanding of what risk assessments are and their importance in maintaining compliance.

Risk assessment courses allow candidates to understand how to complete risk them, as well as explaining why they are important. Having the correct risk assessments in place is important for all workplaces, especially high-risk environments.

Risk assessments are used to identify hazards in the workplace and put measures in place to prevent them. This is put in place by the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) with the aim of reducing work-related injuries.

Once you complete a risk assessment course, you will receive a certificate as proof that you have undertaken risk assessment training.

This is helpful to demonstrate your competency in completing risk assessments, as you have a thorough understanding of managing risks and you can provide effective safety advice to other members of staff.

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing whether you need to take a risk assessment course and more. Read on for more information!