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CHAS Accreditation Cost Explained

Becoming CHAS accredited can greatly help your business. It is one of the most popular safety assessment schemes and aims to save many industries time and money.

If you are thinking about becoming CHAS accredited but are wondering about the CHAS accreditation cost then we are here to explain the costs of CHAS and the breakdown of the different levels of CHAS along with the different prices.

Read below to find out more about CHAS Accreditation and the CHAS costs explained.


The CHAS Accreditation

CHAS is an online health and safety accreditation scheme, dedicated to setting health and safety benchmarks to drive industries towards becoming safer workplaces to be in.

If you want to become CHAS accredited, CHAS will review every area of your risk management policies in a single annual, online audit.

The letters in CHAS stand for The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme - and overall, CHAS helps businesses meet excellent health and safety standards. Obtaining the accreditation can help you to showcase your business to prospective clients to help your business grow.

You are bound to find your business new clients with CHAS, with over 75,000 members and more than 1000 public and private bodies. With CHAS, you highlight to others that you improve the processes within your business.


The Levels of CHAS

CHAS has been the chosen popular assessment scheme for many people across a range of industries. This accreditation has been saving businesses a lot of time and money.

There are three different types of CHAS accreditation to choose from and the level you choose is often fixated on by your clients. We are going to give you a breakdown of the three levels of CHAS and talk about their pricing too.


1. CHAS Standard

Firstly we have the CHAS Standard. This is the entry-level membership option and includes industry-leading health and safety assessment, a self-certified insurance module and includes SSIP accreditation too.

Even with the most standard of CHAS levels, it offers the convenience of helping you join other SSIP accreditations through deem to satisfy using your CHAS Standard member accreditation.

This Standard CHAS level which includes SSIP starts from a membership cost of £299.  


2. CHAS Advanced

The CHAS Advanced package offers you services that help you meet SSIP PAS 91 requirements. CHAS Advanced will have you complete a questionnaire with CHAS which helps to demonstrate your compliance across nine risk management areas including health and safety, equality and diversity too.

Prices for the Advanced CHAS accreditation start from £469, and modules can help clients assess compliance across supply chains. Gaining the PAS91 requirements can be beneficial in a variety of different ways.


3. CHAS Elite

The CHAS Elite level includes the UK pre-eminent pre-qualification system, The Common Assessment Standard streamlines accreditation across multiple chain risk management areas.

On top of the SSIP and PAS 91, the CHAS Elite membership includes the Common Assessment Standard, which is the UK’s construction industry’s preeminent pre-qualification system.

This CHAS Elite level of accreditation is the highest level of CHAS, prices for this level start at £659 and are the industry-leading accreditation.

The Elite level of CHAS will streamline your business in construction and achieve compliance across 13 areas of risk management, backed and developed by Build UK, CECA and accreditation bodies such as CHAS, the Common Assessment Standard.



At Beaconrisk, we are committed to simplifying the CHAS Accreditation process for your business, so you can demonstrate compliance.  Now that you have an understanding of the costs of CHAS and the different prices for the various levels of CHAS application.

Talk to Beaconrisk to get the help you need to obtain the right level of CHAS Accreditation for you. Not only will Beaconrisk help to choose the right level of CHAS for your business, but we will also take away the hassle and time that it takes to get the accreditation. Letting experts help you such as us at Beaconrisk, will provide you with cost-effective support.

At Beaconrisk you will be assigned a Health and Safety Consultant who will help to manage you along the process and submit the application form on your behalf so you can become accredited as soon as possible - so get in touch with us at Beaconrisk, all of our contact details can be found on our website.