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Constructionline Accreditation: The Benefits

Being part of an accreditation system such as Constructionline holds many benefits. 

Constructionline is a popular accreditation scheme which is so widely recognised throughout all areas of the construction industry.

Read our article to learn more about the Constructionline Accreditation and the key benefits of attaining this accreditation for your company. 


What Is the Constructionline Accreditation?

Constructionline is an online accreditation that is very popular in the construction industry. It is used to match contractors with clients and showcases that you are a credible and reliable company to work with.

There are over 2500 major buyers and large construction companies on the Constructionline online portal. Some of these include the government, local authorities and other large organisations that are often looking for reliable companies to complete big projects for them.

Why not streamline your supply chain by joining Constructionline? It does not matter if you are a start-up or a large corporation; Constructionline is beneficial for all.


The Benefits of Constructionline Accreditation

There are many benefits of gaining the Constructionline Accreditation for your company, from saving you time, money and hassle. 


Constructionline Levels 

There are four different levels of Constructionline to obtain when it comes to applying for accreditation. The one you choose should be relevant to you and your business needs and not all levels of the accreditation will be relevant to you.

These four levels include:

  1. Constructionline Bronze
  2. Constructionline Silver
  3. Constructionline Gold
  4. Constructionline Platinum.

Help Your Business Grow

Having the Constructionline Accreditation can help your business to grow. You will be recognised by thousands more people who are members and have access to the online portal. Being a part of the database instantly makes you more seen by potential clients which in turn will expand your network and will help you to gain more work.


Show That You Are Compliant

The Constructionline Accreditation demonstrates that you are compliant with regulations and laws and ensure your future potential clients. Gain recognition and at the same time promote your business by practising all the necessary safety practices that will keep you and those around you safe.

This gives potential clients the peace of mind that you are safe and a viable company to carry out the required work.

Not being Constructionline Accredited could mean that you lose out on work that will be gained by another company that has taken the time and effort to gain the appropriate level of Constructionline Accreditation.

The Constructionline Accreditation will ultimately boost your reputation and reliability, letting others know you are a legitimate business.


Saves You Time and Money

Constructionline speeds up the tender process by eliminating any process of finding yourself new work. Your name will be out there to be discovered by prospective clients on the online portal. This will save you a lot of time and also money as you will have reduced any administrative costs too.


Above and Beyond PAS 91

Constructionline goes above and beyond the PAS 91 pre-qualification questionnaire that was developed as a minimum requirement for construction. With the right level of Constructionline, you can go above and beyond this, increasing your validation of others.


Gain Some Top Buyers in the UK

For some of the higher levels of Constructionline, it has become the industry standard. Constructionline has become the norm for some of the top buyers in the UK who are always looking for construction companies to complete projects.



Now that we have explained the many benefits of Constructionline and how it can help your company, now is the time to apply.

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We can help you find the right level of Constructionline that suits your business correctly, along with all the paperwork that comes with gaining the Constructionline Accreditation.

At Beaconrisk, we have helped many businesses gain Constructionline Accreditation, and we can help you too. Speak to us today and we can discuss getting you started on your accreditation journey, so you can become more recognised, be accredited and gain more business.

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