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Is Constructionline Expensive? Constructionline Fees Explained

Gaining an accreditation to a scheme such as Constructionline can be costly in terms of your time and effort. If you are wanting to know more about the prices involved in Constructionline then keep reading this blog to gain more insight.

We will discuss the fees and what variables will affect the cost of your Constructionline accreditation - so for all this and more information, keep reading on.


Your Introduction to Constructionline Accreditation

Constructionline is an accreditation scheme that is used solely for the construction industry in the UK. It is an online pre-qualification database that is regularly used by over 2500 members.

These members include large organisations, such as local councils, the government and main contractors too. Many construction companies will prioritise Constructionline accreditation to show they are a verified and trustworthy business to others.

With the Constructionline accreditation scheme, you will easily be matched with buyers, whilst also helping the buyers become matched with reputable companies that they can trust and rely on. This simplifies the supply chain process, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Constructionline is suitable for all construction companies. It doesn’t matter how much you turn over, how big or small your company is or if you are a new or well-established business within the industry.


The Different Levels of Constructionline

If you are here to learn about the costs of Constructionline, you should know that the price will vary depending on the level of Constructionline you choose.

The levels focus on different criteria for businesses to fulfil. The higher the level, the more requirements and the more difficult and time-consuming the Constructionline accreditation will be to obtain. 

You should know that the highest level isn’t always the one that you should go for. As different levels will be suitable for different businesses, the highest level might not be appropriate or required by your clients.

The price will increase with the higher the level you want to achieve, as more requirements and criteria will need to be completed to gain accreditation.

The 4 levels of Constructionline include:

  1. Constructionline Bronze
  2. Constructionline Silver
  3. Constructionline Gold
  4. Constructionline Platinum


Constructionline Fees Explained

Is Constructionline Expensive? Well, the membership price as mentioned above will depend on the level you choose. Are you unsure what level you should go for? Beaconrisk can help you with this, we will analyse your business and help you decide on the most appropriate level of Constructionline accreditation to aim for. Your clients will often drive the level you choose. 

The amount you will pay to become accredited with Constructionline will actually depend on the turnover band of your organisation, along with whether or not you hold a valid SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement). This is an umbrella organisation that draws from several health and safety schemes and combines them into one accreditation, which makes it an accreditation worth having.

As part of the Constructionline membership, it now includes an SSIP called the Acclaim Accreditation. The Acclaim Accreditation scheme is included on the Constructionline portal and enables you to demonstrate that you have been assessed to the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 and SSIP core criteria.

The Acclaim Accreditation involves an online assessment of your company's Health and Safety documentation and work activities as an independent competent assurance of the systems you have in place.

Prices to sign up to Constructionline currently start at £249, this starting price is for the businesses with the smallest band turnover, do not have SSIP already, and are aiming for the Bronze level of Constructionline. The same band level for the Gold level is £499 and for the Platinum level is £2299. Do bear in mind that the larger the company and the bigger the turner, the higher the price will be.


What Do You Get for the Cost of Constructionline?

Making this investment into your Constructionline accreditation will be well worth it if you are found compliant. 

Once you are verified with Constructionline, you willl be more recognisable and have that verification that assures people that you are dependable.


Beaconrisk Can Help

Showcase your industry standards today with the help of Beaconrisk. With Beaconrisk, you will have all the help and support that you need in order to gain your Constructionline accreditation in no time.

The Constructionline accreditation process can be a stressful one if you attempt it alone, not to mention it can take a lot of your valuable business time.

If the thought of an accreditation process seems daunting or overwhelming to you, then you have come to the right place. At Beaconrisk, we are a team of accreditation experts that can help you to become accredited as soon as possible so you can start feeling the benefits from this accreditation.