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What is Safety Schemes in Procurement?

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP), is a membership for health and safety accreditation schemes that are often required during the process when applying for any construction project.

SSIP is made up of contractor accreditation schemes - CHAS, SMAS and SafeContractor. Simply put, the SSIP accreditation is made up of different registered members, which are all used to assess health and safety quality within the workplace.

SSIP is approved by the Health and Safety Executive and is an umbrella organisation that combines different types of health and safety schemes to make up the SSIP forum.

Overall, the SSIP ensures that organisation’s comply with the health and safety CDM regulations. For more information on what Safety Schemes in Procurement are, read on!



What Are The Benefits of SSIP?

SSIP proves to potential clients that you are safe to work with. The benefits are endless, from less paperwork to cost-efficiency, consistency, and an increased reputation.

There are many ways that SSIP membership can benefit your business, as it demonstrates to clients and potential buyers that you are a serious company with the correct health and safety procedures in place.

Safety Schemes in Procurement enables you to maintain customer contracts, save money, and time, improve market visibility and can contribute to sustainable supply chain management. Being SSIP certified can impress customers. This is because it’s proof that your business has been assessed and is able to demonstrate that you have effective health and safety procedures in place.

Moreover, it can also increase your company's reputation, as it shows that your business has successfully completed the health and safety accreditation. Being SSIP certified can help you secure more work opportunities by boosting your professional credibility and showing clients that you take health and safety seriously. An SSIP certification also allows you to secure more work for your business.

Every member that makes up the SSIP forum assesses health and safety by using the same criteria. The SSIP assessment scheme saves you from having to complete multiple assessment fees and avoids any duplicate paperwork.


Why Is SSIP important?

When you become SSIP certified, you acquire certificates and badges that are proof that your company puts health and safety first. If you want your company to grow, then acquiring an SSIP certificate can help you.

This is because potential clients will trust your company more if you have proof that you are SSIP approved. SSIP was introduced when there were a high number of accidents occurring in the workplace. The SSIP is important to ensure that any risks and incidents within the workplace are prevented or avoided.

It is important that all companies that aim to demonstrate their commitment to health and safety complete an SSIP assessment in order to become accredited. This is especially recommended for high-risk companies, such as those in the construction industry.


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